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Theories of Life, Medication and Pretzels.

Pretzels for sale in Alsace

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Ok, so we were having a discussion (we as in me and a friend of mine) about how I tend to randomly pass more gas with Pretzels than anything else. I responded that it is a GENETIC DISPOSITION to passing more wind with that sort of food, than anything else. Needless to say i was lying through my teeth, and frankly was only saying it cause my dad uses the same excessive stupid logic.

Last Friday, I can tell you that i was at the Gym – i was working my butt off – did 15 minutes on the treadmill and everything. I got home; and I figured I was just pooped out from everything. This didn’t end up going away lol – previous to friday i’d noted a bunch of dizzy spells (aka PLEASE STOP THE RIDE I WANNA GET OFF!!!!) monday and possibly tuesday. I’d put this towards my Asthma, and i took my inhaler (which promptly made my heart race just as much! LOL) and just got over it. Friday like i said this feeling didn’t go away, I was light headed confused a little (as more to why i’m exercising and feeling like crap, not literal ZOMG dementia!) and you know my heart was racing like a turbo engine. Needless to say I decided after sitting on the couch playing monopoly and my heart decided “LETS DO THE TIME WARP” and refuse to stop racing… that i needed to see the Doctor. Bloods, Ecg … the works – checking cause there’s a history of heart issues in the family. Made an appointment for today – CHECK.

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