(Content Copyright Original Source) B2ST’s Junhyung disqualified from ‘We Got Married’ casting call

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(Content Copyright Original Source) Uehara Takako and TENN tie the knot

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-262214" title="20120824_ueharatakako_tenn" src="http://sliceofkiwi.us/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/20120824_ueharatakako_tenn.jpg&quot; alt="" width="471" height…

(Content Copyright Original Source) HOME MADE Kazoku to release new album, “3RISE”

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(Content Copyright Original Source) VAMPS to hold their customary Halloween event + release a Halloween song



(Content Copyright Original Source) 9nine to provide ending theme for ‘Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun’

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(Content Copyright Original Source) Details on DIR EN GREY’s single “Rinkaku” revealed

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(Content Copyright Original Source) Apple v Samsung jury validates American patent system, raises new questions for the future of tech

By Daniel Eran Dilger

Published: 10:44 PM EST (07:44 PM PST)

The complex verdict reached by the jury in the Apple …


(Content Copyright Original Source) Apple cleared of infringing Motorola patents, avoids U.S. import ban

By Mikey Campbell

Published: 11:19 PM EST (08:19 PM PST)

The U.S. International Trade Commission on Friday completed…


(Content Copyright Original Source) Samsung says verdict is not an Apple win, but a ‘loss for the American consumer’ [u]

By AppleInsider Staff

Published: 08:23 PM EST (05:23 PM PST)

Minutes after the Apple v. Samsung jury handed…


(Content Copyright Original Source) Apple seeks preliminary injunction against Samsung devices in post-trial motion

By Mikey Campbell

Published: 09:34 PM EST (06:34 PM PST)

Following its significant court win over Samsung on Friday,…