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Pretzels and Karma stems from a funny Tumblr username i created a while back to service my personal geek needs. Now that i’m publishing content on Kindle, i figured i’d extend the name to a wordpress blog.

What sorts of information and details will you find on here?

  • Shopping! – I’ll be hosting my Amazon Associates content on here.
  • Shopping ! B … er … PART DEUX … I’ll be hosting any related content i’ve created from Zazzle or other related places to do with my books on Kindle.
  • Hilarity, i will indeed repost crap i see on the internet.
  • Complaints.  Yes – i’ve taken POLS 102 at University of Otago,  YES I feel i can BITCH all i want about NZ and US Politics. Before you complain back? – Most of the time you wont have politics on here XD
  • Dork!Rants – What it takes to convert two old macs into homework stations for after school kids… and so much more XD
  • Previews to upcoming additions to the short stories books (Ie: Links to the Deviant Art submissions)
  • Affiliations with awesome blogs … and not just for promo content
  • Rants on why i won’t host my own website anymore …. (am i lazy, or just can’t be bothered?)
  • ADHD rants, and how i hate the medication that drives my heart out my mouth LOL.
And a bunch of other things.
This isn’t my personal blog, i use tumblr for that stuff 🙂 – These posts here may be sparing or they may be a buttload; whatever it may be they’ll be formatted for others to read, not for my own personal rants!

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