Why why why?

Formula One Fans at the controversial 2005 Uni...

Formula One Fans at the controversial 2005 United States Grand Prix holding a banner with the words “Blame Mosley” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why is it people will sit there and complain when they know they’ve done something wrong?  Drama works in mysterious ways, and I really get sick of it.   The fact of the matter is , if you’ve done something FESS UP TO IT, don’t blame anyone else.  That’s like BLAMING a dog for your fart, only worse.  Today’s post is about why the hell we DONT blame others!

I think is a horrible thing to be able to stand up in a crowd and go “HE DID IT!” – it’s a politicians game. It’s pretty much the same as going into the psychiatrist’s office and going “IT WAS ALL MY BIPOLAR I HAD NO CONTROL.” ; the fact we’re able to lay blame on something we did on someone else is a massive load of immaturity.  People who do this, and i fall victim to this QUITE often – have a dumb and a mean streak.  That doesn’t mean everyone in the world DOESNT do this – it just means we have to stop and think before it rears it’s ugly head again.

This thing about quality in site modeling, it’s professional to the extent when we are under closed doors we’re massive retards. The same thing used to happen with Second Life and modeling, and even business – under closed doors we’d be rolling on the floor busting our butts off! What we DONT do is troll around looking for drama and posting it all over the internet.  People get bitchy, they get catty – and worst of all it turns best friends against each other in a heated battle!  Chicas need to settle the eff down, enjoy a good coffee or tea – and just ignore things they don’t like!  And worse off, if they REALLY can’t? Fess up to the fact they can’t, stand up to those you don’t like and see if you can find common ground!

I mean it, to those two who blabbed about me, i’m not ANGRY i’m just dissapointed and saddened you didn’t come to me and tell me to settle down! I’m 29 going on 12 somedays and i really do admit, sometimes i act just as retarded as the kids i take care of for babysitting and holiday programs! but what i don’t do? I dont blame my ADHD, and i don’t blame my immaturity, or the sugar i eat for breakfast.  It’s just the way i am, and people can try and suggest that i tone it down a bit!

I really think with all my heart that people just need to SETTLE DOWN! 🙂  …. if that don’t work, get a joint, smoke it and watch the world pass by! LOL.

Thank you for reading!


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