Book Updates!

Two new books added to my kindle pages:  PB Versions of Violence in the Devils Eyes  and then : We Belong Together

We belong together

I just want to update here saying i think that AMAZON deserves kudos for the Kindle Desktop Publishing select program! Everyone understands that being an author is a slowprocess sometimes, and this is a great opportunity to promote things for great reasons!

Here’s the cover teaser i’ve put together myself:

Justin David Terrance photo paint by Hanako Stephens


I hope you are all having a wonderful day and will check out the new books!

Things are still going well over here, i’ve been playing PopCap‘s Plants VS Zombies – and i’ve beaten adventure mode.  Some of the mini games are extremely difficult, and vasebreaker keeps kicking my ass!

I have played recently Pandora Saga, Pangya Golf, Minecraft and some other interesting games which i might talk about soon.

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