Wow, haven’t posted in a long while!

Well, i just added a new book to the amazon range i sell xD it’s not totally finished but it’s like a short story with no ending so far.

Other funky news: I had to quit university, i just was not hacking it at the time – it’s nothing personal, i was enjoying it – but yea, i’m out in the workforce again cause things just weren’t going the way they should.

More funky news: I’m involved in this LARGE GROUP called BRING A JROCK CONVENTION TO THE USA. You’ll see me using a couple of unofficial twitter accounts for the project – and as well an unofficial site i’m working on.

Other funky news: I’m losing weight finally, i’ve lost about 20-30 pounds so far i guess? Hard to translate as they us KG metric here LOL…

Hmm not much else i can think of – other than i’m going to officially be using the PB fanpage more often than not for updates, as i got rid of my pretzelkarma fanpage.


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