Well here’s the funny thing..

We just found (as in my mom and i) a bunch of old videos from the time i did Intro to Video at Art Institutes International in Minnesota. If you went there; and you were on my team – LET ME KNOW i’ll be happy to shove the suckers into a combined movie and shove on youtube 😛

That’s really funny tho cause i remember Chris he used to go “Heres’ how you do a gothic poem” “How,” “MY TOES ARE FROZEN… LIKE MY SOUL!!!!!!!!!!” …. Quite easy. 😛

Also: Blackcurrant RARO sucks.

Also: SEND ME KOOL AID PEOPLE! Seriously i’m running out and the crap here sucks to drink seriously!!!!!!

Send me an email pretzelkarma AT orcon DOT net DOT nz and yea .>.> send me kool aid, and i uh might draw something for you!

Customized Video Intro Pics!

So ok see this? I’m happy to pull some graphic design skills if anyone wants some customized video things that aren’t animated 🙂
Hit up the comments, my email, my twitter WHATEVER 🙂


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