In what ways do you stand out?

Coat of Arms of Switzerland.

Image via Wikipedia

I live in new zealand, so my accent stands out above everyone else’s – so immediatley people come up to me and go “ARE YOU FROM AMERRRICA?”, and if they don’t say that first it’s usually “Are you canadian?” once or twice i get “Are you from Ireland?” and then ONCE i got “Are you from scotland?”.  I had to laugh at the last one, i have no scottish heritage whatsoever – i have my family trees up on the net and i’m seriously nowhere near scottish!  English, Irish, German, Swiss and possible dutch – mind you if you wanna be an ass about it that’s back in the days that half of europe was prussia – so that’s where my family gets the german and not the swiss … but if you get pedantic – Bern Switzerland is not German LOL.

I also stand out cause i don’t look that heavy from the waist up, but i have thunder thighs and child bearing german/dutch build from the hips down!


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