Hosting Startup Business: What do you beleive is best?

Internets = Parody motivator.

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I’m currently looking into starting a web hosting business – and the poll you see above clearly states a couple small things i’ve thought about myself.  I personally look into all three; and it’s hard because pricing can let you down immensely.  Doing the rounds, i’ve been with a couple different host providers over the years with projects i’ve done in the past – and it boils down to trust and the level of respect you can get.

As i said in a previous post i’m looking into HostGator and MochaHost – that being because HostGator services the Coastal Unity Parish website that i’ve worked on in the past; as well as the hide’s voice website.  (Of course you’ll note, it also ran Oshare Curry and other websites i’ve had like FMC Radio.)  The problem i run into with these two is the leverage of cost  vs services rendered.  Unlike cheaper hosts or crappier ones like GoDaddy, or ones that aren’t crappy but just not a mark above the rest like JustHost – HostGator and Mocha Host have the higher of the high ratings in areas that are the most important to me.

GoDaddy services websites on name servers that have porn and malware – and it’s REALLY not healthy for religious websites, or trusted social networks to be on their servers in my opinion.  Maybe they have changed, their customer support isn’t the best – but it’s not the worst, and some of their software is easy to navigate.   As inexpensive as they are or even expensive as they are – they’re not the worst company in the world – but i never had an easy time with the idea our websites got infected with malware and they just sat there idly and said it wasn’t their fault.

So in light of this – what could I do when I’m the one starting a hosting business to stop this from happening you ask?  Well, it’s the internet – I can only tell you tips on how to get these things sorted, and if the main company i purchase my hosting from has ideas or even software to scan or prevent this from happening then i’d do all i could!  I do know that when this happens, as in when i startup the business I will not be alone.  I have a friend whom i dearly trust who knows more about internet services than I do – willing to get into it.

Oh and yes I DO realize i may never be rich off of this – but that’s not why I’m possibly getting into this sort of project. Jobs are scarce in Dunedin, and I’m having a really hard time connecting into a job that will fit between my studies. Web Hosting like this will provide me with a boost while i am looking for a job and if i get a job – it’ll mean i can put more money into it to boost it.  There are major risks involved – I’m only on student income, and with no job i could literally go broke.

We’re looking into ShoutCast and IRC server reselling so that way we give customers the edge that they’re looking for.  We won’t be a major corporation; we’ll be the niche that your average small business or even single customer is looking for.  Someone with a name to be accountable for.

Yet here’s an issue – we don’t even have a name for our company yet!

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