What decade or era do you find particularly fascinating?

X-Factor (comics)

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Two eras, that i’d love to explore – the 1970s, and the mid to late 1800s in Japan. … ok i lie, the 1980s i’d love to be an ADULT or TEEN in rather than a toddler LOL.

We were just watching X-Factor, and that 14 year old girl who redid baby by Bieber, was on the mentorship show – and i swear to god she blew me away with a rendition of Roxette’s “IT MUST’vE BEEN LOVE” ….. it’s just a powerful song.  That and the lady that redid Purple rain – i swear to god it makes me miss home!

And japan in the late 1800s and a bit before (Think about 1860’s time) is a time of so much ruckus, and change and daring decisions – i would’ve loved to have seen things in the light they were back then. Nobody understands quite what history has to say about the future we’ve fucked up! 🙂



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