the largest problem with music today

Lady GaGa

What is the largest problem with music today in the 21st century?

Coming with the idea that Lady GaGa is talented as all get out – and she’s unique; she hasn’t done anything to show off her talents in a way that puts her in a good light to my own opinion.  So beginning this long drawn out idea in a post – is a problem amongst music enthusiasts. Why? Because there are some REAL DIE HARD fans of Lady Gaga – and you can’t cross her little monsters easily!  But between her over drawn out fashion – and over exuberant fashion that leads nothing but make my eyes bleed – it’s no wonder her newest album drove me to wear ear plugs all the time.

We live in a PC society now, so how in god’s name can you tell me that her JUDAS video slipped a mickey and roofie and let us watch it on daytime tv?  It’s a blasphemous video NOT JUST for christians, but it puts religion of all kinds in a bad light – people are allowed a choice,  and also it’s too vulgar. It’s giving kids the wrong message – and if she wants to project an image of independence and womanly power? Do it in a better way; no by all means this lady doesn’t have to be PC like Spice Girls used to be… but stop letting the kids follow your path when you have songs like Telephone and JUDAS for them to follow.

Born This Way saddened me; because that song is really REALLY good for what it is – but why do i not like it?  It’s a rip off, it’s two madonna songs in one – and as much as Madonna annoys the hell out of me at her older ages … this is classic style Madonna that Lady Gaga manages to rip off.  Originality is lacking in the industry, and you know – i really was expecting more out of her after the songs we’d all been given.

Bad Romance was good – Poker face was good … so why are we seeing a fall from grace despite how honestly successful it’s become?


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