Business Ideas – Great Ideas ALWAYS GET ME IN TROUBLE!

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

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I saw this shirt on a kid at the holiday programme we run here in dunedin – that said “GREAT IDEAS ALWAYS GET ME INTO TROUBLE!” frankly, i totally agree.  These great ideas, wonderful money making ideas always get me into trouble!  The most recent one troubles me because it literally could be a good idea or a bad idea depending on how i work it.

I’ve been trolling around hosting forums the past few days wondering if I should get into reseller hosting.  This sort of idea intruiged me to the highest degree – why?  Because if you find the company you like ? There’s always room to grow!   Also, mainly the idea that it’s becoming harder to find a job in the city that I live in.  So what’s the shame if I take a bit of my summer money out and try going out on a limb and starting a hosting business?

Well there is a bit of shame; online anything can become a real issue when there’s hackers and malware lurking around on the internet.  Not only that; but it worries me if i can’t get it to work – i have SEVERE ADHD and know that i have to have help in working this idea.  I do have someone who may want to help – but the sheer fact  I need to make it work is a long stretch.

I’ve looked into two main hosting providers – one being HostGator and the other being MochaHost.  On my list they’re the top two providers, it means that i can pay monthly – rather than yearly – as I don’t have that sort of startup cash.  I don’t want to get a startup loan, because this isn’t a business i feel needs THAT much attention.  These days you can fork out a small amount from what I hear and get into the business slowly but surely.   Also, two extra toys i wanted to mention i’m looking at adding into my services are IRCD reseller and Shoutcast reselling.  IRC channels are a large and big deal for people as loads want to start their own chat service.  Shoutcast is great for those looking at doing either podcasting or internet radio – or even those on Second Life who adore Djing!

The other issue i’m running into is finding a complete business name – in the meant time i keep coming up with names you just want to fall over laughing at.  We’ve tried your typical “find locations and apply them to a name” – those tend to be taken.  Then we start getting overtired and find the STUPIDEST names possible. (Let’s just say my first ten were domains i owned already and then we realised… OOPS they aren’t marketable in this situation or model.)

I am still going to do NaNoWriMo btw-  and this will just be an interesting job over summer if i dont get a normal job.  I’m still in the middle of freaking out about my extended edition – and my exams.  We’re at the last day of the kids holiday program and i swear mom and i just wanna konk out and just sleep!  We had a couple of kids over last night that were friends of the family – and i had to be up so early it wasn’t funny!  (That’s talk for: I’m no night owl, but i’m not a morning person!)

So what do you guys think? Should i go into reseller – and what should i do for a name if you thought i should? And if you don’t think so, let me know why!


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