Guess What: I’m Doing NANOWRIMO!

World cup countries best results and hosts blank

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I’ve totally shot myself in the foot for the whole of november! I’m going to start Nov. 1st getting into NaNoWriMo and hopefully coming out with something that i can publish in the extended edition of Point Blank.  (Or on it’s own)  You guys out there that read this blog should comment and give me some ideas – it’s 21 days until it starts and i just have no clue for hells sakes what to start on!

It will be the Point Blank series of course; i’m not deviating from that.  But i’m wracked with exams and the kids holiday programme this week – so it’ll be a breath of fresh air when i can start!  The charachters i’ll probably focus on are either Izuchi or Shin, i’m not sure.

I started by registering at NaNoWriMo’s site – so i’ll be doing that when it starts.

Other fun news:

I SO want to start doing amateur voice acting, i’m no professional and never will be – but just for kicks on youtube or stuff – it’s fun!

Also mom just said “Next time the world cup happens, i hope the world ends” XD

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