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List of Music Being Reviewed:

Abingdon Boys School
Adam Lambert
Nicki Minaj
hide (hideto matsumoto)


Abingdon Boys School (Based on the Single Remake: Dress)

Now for all your VISUAL KEI and Jrock fans – Abingdon Boys School was an interesting topic when they first came out.  It was head up by Takanori Nishikawa or aka T.M. Revolution.  Guy’s got an awesome dramatic voice – but the single remake of BUCK TICK‘s Dress was a little confusing.

It started out sounding a little more like the original – but then it … i don’t know near the end lost it’s grace.  They could’ve done more to make it, stand out – mainly because Takanori’s voice is so dramatic – and unlike Atsushi’s graceful romantic deep and smooth gothic voice – this just was a rough half-assed soundtrack cover in my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong – They all have talent… that’s just my opinion on the single!


Adam Lambert (Based on the album FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT)

For those of you GLAMBERTS – you’ll notice this is a long overdue review of something that we all know deserves it.

This album released not too long after he was the 2nd place in 2009 American Idol – comprises of several emotionally uplifting but emotionally changing songs.  We can only but imagine when you finally place the album against the Behind the Scenes VH1 episode; that regardless of what you do in life; we all have a path – and we all have to face something in life.

Basically you’re looking at songs like Aftermath; Soaked and Strut as some of my personal favourites.  Aftermath is because the vocals are impeccable, the way he belts out the emotion on the word Aftermath is – well stunning!  It took me a LONG time to get used to this album and finally realize he’s worth supporting.  Just watching the Behind the Music episode – and comparing the lyrics to my own issues was amazing.

Now that’s sorted; anyone wanna buy me the 2XL glamnation tour pack? LOL


X-Japan (XJAPAN/X)

This is it people – they finally got their stuff together and banded once more for everyone!  With the fact i love the most they’ve got a CR Pachinko game out; called Fever i think it is?  The animation on it just cracks me up but it’s a good crack up – i love watching the points where hide looks like he wants to buck Sugizo off stage!

Kinda like that whole “Dude, i love you like a brother.. but this is MY BAND :P” …

I can’t properly review these guys LOL – i’m a huge fan, my hide plushie is on my desk as we speak!


Nicki Minaj (Single releases: Moment 4 Life, Super Bass)

Something i’d never expect myself to be able to do – properly rap along side someone’s music (even without it!) – I suck at rapping but this woman’s talent is so different among the rest. Vulgar at times, so that does bug me a bit – but she’s a cute and feisty harajuku barbie as they all call her.

Moment 4 Life the vocals are just – well they suit the song for one thing.  And the fact that when someone’s getting to this level of fame; it is their moment – they HAVE waited all their life. (Gee sounds like me when i finally either 1, sell my book enough to get that 100$ paycheck from Amazon – or 2, graduate from university in 2-4 years LOL).   The lyrics are quite honest; and while some are a little more than cheesy – it’s a decent song.

Super Bass – this is the song i love the most.  Don’t ask me why; but it makes me want to do the dance they do IN the video – and get that pink wig she’s got!  “Excuse me you’re a helluva a guy i mean my my my my your’e like pelican fly!”  Yes, you can find me on youtube doing this like a retard!


hide (hideto matsumoto)

Long are the days we see his physical form gracing the planet – unfortunatley another awesome artist who passed away before many of his overseas fans could learn about his music.

Featuring several singles and years with X JAPAN; as well as being a solo artist up until the day he died – hide had his work cut out for him.

Personal Fan Favorites: Genkai Haretsu ( 限界は列)and Pink Spider ( ピンクウスパイダア)- Reviews are unavailable because how can I be objective with his face staring at me on my desk? 😛



“There’s a fire starting in my heart” – How can you expect someone this young to understand this?  Well, that’s what many adults with no life would say to us under 45’s!  This woman, as young as she is – has the voice of a younger Dusty Springfield.  Her lyrics as depressing as they may be ?  They’re honest, they’re true – and they scare a man to the bottom of his pants!

21 as an album has one of my favorite songs covered by her; “Lovesong” by The Cure.  Her pure vocals on it just drive a new point to it -which is something that 311 failed to do with their crappy reggae cover.  It’s also got your standard singles Set Fire to the Rain, Rolling in the Deep and Make you Feel My love; three majorly undeniable awesome songs.

It does crack me up to see people wondering why she’d be such a stalker on “SOMEONE LIKE YOU” – But you know what?  HELL HAS NO WRATH LIKE A WOMAN SCORN! 😛 HARDEHARHARHARHARHAR!

That’s it for my musical reviews! …. i didnt have much else to post today amidst finding out our power bill skyrocketed; and my book sales were low.


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