The Politics of Adulthood

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Being that my univeristy career …as in student life, not job – is near it’s mid life; i feel it’s time to speak out in an objective way. 

Between the NZ Elections this year in November, and Next week’s OUSA elections – i think my head is spinning.  Not that i don’t think it’s important to hear the politicians etc out – but that the issue i have is that even with the USA elections next year …. is that we’re being forced into something called BULLY tactics to an extent.

This is an article full of my complaining – but in a constructive way. So please do not take this as hatred.

Disclaimer:  NZ Politicians are human beings; they’re doing their best to serve the public in which we vote them in for – US politicians are the same way.  As well as and not limited to  – Student government bodies; their presidential candidates and everyone else involved.  They all deserve some form of respect whether or not we agree with them or not.

Sports and sports and sports and SPORTS and sports … and super acadaemia.  That’s what i’m learning the town i live in is like; and while sports and academics are important to some? It’s not the be all and end all – but being i’m at University of Otago at the moment there is an issue of the mentality of things going on.

Let me remind you: I’m not here to say that the university, or even the people in OUSA are horrible people – this is just a personal view of what is going on.

First of all, the Social Work degree has been totally reconstructed in a way i don’t agree with.  Although I believe the sociology papers available are completely awesome; they’re not going to service properly what a Social Work degree entails.   This is a large issue because if you want to take the distance papers you have to apply to the head of the department or something to check to see if you are eligible – for the original program. If anyone’s wondering why i’m complaining? I’m just finishing the first stage requirements on the whole for the original Social Work program @ otago.

Second of all, i’m annoyed like mad at the idea that you could do a campaign based on walking around in boxershorts and walking someone’s dog around the old prestigous clocktower area… or worse, your flatmate shaving his crotch & balls on video.  Logan Edgar may be a wonderful guy- and he may have every right to be in power in OUSA – but maybe it’s my lack of understanding the way student governments are run?  OUSA and VSM have had a hard battle since the VSM bill came out – a bill i’m torn between hell and heaven on considering my stance on it.

Third of all? I’m tired of the third rate bully tactics in parliament.  What’d i’d personally love to see is that the Green party is able to run parliament period; i don’t agree with EVERYTHING they say or do – but they’re one of the first modern parties to come up with things that are more … consistent with what people need.  I can’t get why people have to pull the wool over our eyes in terms of what goes on in government.

And finally i’m really just torn up at the antics of this town period; the stadium was such a waste of money- and the university’s getting down and dirty removing anything unscientific.  Maybe this isn’t happening anymore – but it’s enough to have driven me to go extramural to another university up north.  At least now i’ll be able to try for more focus on my degree; and other things like work and other passions.

I really do not mean to be a rude twat about any of this – Logan Edgar is actually from what i know or have seen is quite the intelligent kid. (Kid meaning he’s at least a decade younger then me LOL)  He knows how to advertise to the kids at the univeristy – but the problem is that what’s the average age, and why are we being removed from the vote by needing to comply with the younger kids?  I’m almost 29; i need to be able to be sure this OUSA is going to do things for people in general.  They’re wonderful at catering to the broke and tired younger kids – but that’s usually the same stance the goverment plays in election years.

Let’s just hope my summer will be more fruitful – i’m still pre-editing the larger of my short stories collections, which is really hard cause it’s changing names and fixing quote errors.   Then i need to send it off to a beta reader; and hopefully by then i’ll get through confessions of a prince – cause after all my essays i’ve had such a problem writing for everything!

So if anyone has any tips on pre editing – and managing stories – let me know 🙂

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