What companies provide the best customer service? The worst?


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This is going to be an interesting one of those posts where you go “This and this ” – Well the best customer service by far has to be Orcon they’re the ISP my family is on.  Though i wish they’d change their servicing hours – that by far is the most annoying thing ever.

The worst? Two places.

Vodafone and Belkin.

….oh and JustHost 😛

There’s no saying how much hate i have for places that just script everything and freak out.

Vodafone is called B LOW DA FONE for a reason – they’re over expensive in New Zealand and Australia and between them and Telecom make up the monopoly of mobile services and internet telephone services.

Since broadband came out we switched to Orcon, upgraded to their genius services and are on some freaking awesome broadband for New Zealand standards.

Just my two cents 🙂


4 comments on “What companies provide the best customer service? The worst?

  1. Here in South Carolina I’ve had some pretty bad customer service from Time Warner Cable. Some of the reps act like they just don’t want to be there and I feel like for the money I’m paying, you’d better answer my questions and quit rushing me off of the phone.

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