The Demise of Social Media

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Reason for writing: the Hide Hideto Matsumoto (OUR PINK SPIDER!) page wants to delete itself, and my fb fans are screaming at me and wanting to call me names lol.

Ok, so we all know i’m trying to limit the amount of crap found on my facebook account, including facebook fanpages I’ve ran for years right? Well this is the issue; i’m fighting my fanpage userbase on a dying trend; they say they’ll help – then two years later i’m stuck with 11 administrators that do nothing.  They say they’ll always be there, and will always post things – well my fanpage has under 4k users, and most of the bigger ones are over 10k.  What’s the issue? Facebook is an intrusive piece of crap – it never used to be this way, but every time i like a page, i comment on a page – ANSWER A QUESTION on a page – it’s for the whole world and Grandma Betty to see.

So if i want to like (FOR EXAMPLE, and i actually did this) Americans against the Tea Party – and comment on something, ie a photo – it shows up on my profile, i hide it.  That works until i look at the stories on the front page and it’s like “WOO HOO! PARTY WITH THE ANTI TEABAGGERS!” – Every single comment, link and picture gets shared with everyone else.  SO naturally i’m worried that with my geek fanpages they’re gonna effect things.

Unfortunatley Social Media is ruining the way we get jobs depending on our life status, and currently – this blog probably isn’t helping me much either LOL.  These fanpages i’ve run for years aren’t a problem – they’re culture, they’re fun – but they take up my time for other things i REALLY want to do.  Things like my books, my school work etc – I’m switching to Massey this year via distance, it’s not going to be easy.

Games that reply to my email going “You let us down, here’s 2000 bucks in game money” and i’m like “I’d rather play Second Life, Half Life or even Civilization JUST TO GET AWAY FROM YOU!”.  Games that beckon my every moment of my day, including during classes “OH JILL! COME BACK! WE HAVE MISSED YOU!” …. ok let’s just say Sims 3 does NOT do this to me.

Facebook ruins my relationship with my parents, more so my dad – wait hang on,  Dad and i have this thing where every once in a while we have a massive falling out and it ends up A-Ok about three months later.  We don’t need facebook for this, he’s a staunch republican and a messianic fundie who i love dearly – he’s my biological father, i grew up with his crap humor – and his weird sci fi shows. Without him i wouldn’t be such a geek – SORRY MOM LOL.   While i can genetically (jokingly) blame mom for my video game addictions, and my TV watching like Castle etc – i can blame my dad for my music addictions, my stupid humor – and worst of all?  Sci Fi lol – Sci Fi is why i started writing.

Anyways, i’m off topic again.

I’m FIGHTING TOOTH and nail with my fb fanpage users “Don’t leave me, hide’s memory will die without facebook” … HELLO! LOL i have my hide plushie in my arms right now, he’s about ready to SMACK the living daylights out of you people!  Someone actually dared to call me ignorant when i mentioned it had something to do with sticking it to the man.  YES facebook doesn’t give a shit; yes there’s more people GOING back to facebook every second of the day.

but when it comes down to it? A protest is a protest.

My major reasons for getting rid of all my fanpages? I don’t have the time anymore.  I want to focus on this, the blog and the books – and my school work.  Exams are coming up, i have three tutorial tests, plus another essay on monday due – and then three exams before mid november.

We’re talking about the fact that it’s now October where I am, my book only has had 4 sales – which is A-OK cause i’m still waiting to finish editing and writing a couple stories for the extended edition.  But this isn’t a job for me, i need a job – i can’t live with the bills i got.  I can’t even access kiwisaver – despite my monetary situation why? Cause they’ll tell me to sell a bunch of stuff i can’t live without LOL.  Aka: computer, hide plushies and cellphone 😛

…all would STILL not pay my bills!

Facebook is the demise of the social media platform, it’s lacklustre ways of BITCHING at Google for being so “INTRUSIVE” makes me laugh.  People are indeed safe NOWHERE; you can’t tell me there wasn’t Identity Theft before the onset of the internet.

Trollin the Internet one cat at a time

Prison Vs Facebook

It’s exactly this image that makes me laugh – because that’s it.  Prison vs Facebook ?  Can we jail the 14 year old for showing her ass illegally? .. No, so we’re jailed into seeing it anyways 😛

And i’ve run out of shit to rant about lol.


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