Employers, Get Outta My Facebook – BusinessWeek

Employers, Get Outta My Facebook – BusinessWeek.

Imagine posting a picture of yourself in a Halloween costume on your MySpace (NWS) or Facebook profile at the risk of killing your career. Or having your employment hinge on whether a hiring manager likes your views on abstinence-only sex education.

See, I think this is reasonable – Problem is, google is littered with my younger aged mistakes; photos in Photobucket with my name on it, things people could question me on.

When is it we became public to the point that when we’re almost 30, we’re out of a job?  Things like Facebook, Tumblr and even Photobucket can have a negative opinion on the way we’re hired.

Facebook gives users the option of keeping their profiles private, and so does blogging software such as LiveJournal. Users should take advantage of these options for information they don’t want considered by potential employers. But if applicants choose to make information about themselves available to the world, they can hardly object when employers take that information into account in hiring decisions.

The only problem with this is that if you are a silly younger person you fail miserable at this. People like attention for the most part, I’m not saying this is the WRONG kind of attention.  But if people are selling something – people are wanting to be public.


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