Who Let The Dogs Out: Amazon’s Kindle FIRE (More like ON FIRE!)

Image representing Amazon Kindle as depicted i...

Image via CrunchBase

Kindle Fire, Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi

Amazon’s Answer to the IPAD 2

Amazon's Kindle Fire

Ok THIS is where i’m hoping sales WILL PICK UP for my ebook.  I swear to god; if anyone pre orders this via the link above – i will reserve ONE kindle copy of the extended edition coming out in christmas for each person who proves to me they’ve purchased … ok …


And when you buy it regardless, wether you got it via my link or not COMMENT ON THIS POST and i’ll reserve the right to GIFT you either Breaking Limits, or the Point Blank extended edition.

If you want, i’ll gift you Ramen and Parmesan cheese!

Kindle Fire

It’s like they got the idea from a Snow Patrol song… “KINDLE FIRE” lol, “You are my KINDLE …FIRE…… THERE YOU ARE DIGITALLY IN FRONT OF ME…. THERE YOU ARE… PAINTED BRIGHT IN FRONT OF ME…. No i dont wanna wait, to pre order… i guess i have to wait, to pre order..” there, that’s my kindle song. No, you aren’t going to get me on youtube singing it. Not unless you buy my ebooks.

SPEAKING OF WHICH! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005OSXJJW <– BREAKING LIMITS is there, that’s the one i have up right now besides Ramen and Parmesan cheese.

This thing? The Kindle Fire?

It’s amazon’s answer to a smaller version of the Ipad 2.. only this is running android.  Thank god it’s not running windows… THANK GOD. *gulps* … anyways this thing makes me want to buy buy buy, but i dont have money money money…  I WANT THIS and and Ipad 2. Why? …. I’m comfortable in saying i’m addicted to anything Apple, they’re pretty, they’re toys… and they’re PRETTY!!!! Everything else is business like, tight and cool – Apple are toys 😛


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