Theories of Life, Medication and Pretzels.

Pretzels for sale in Alsace

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Ok, so we were having a discussion (we as in me and a friend of mine) about how I tend to randomly pass more gas with Pretzels than anything else. I responded that it is a GENETIC DISPOSITION to passing more wind with that sort of food, than anything else. Needless to say i was lying through my teeth, and frankly was only saying it cause my dad uses the same excessive stupid logic.

Last Friday, I can tell you that i was at the Gym – i was working my butt off – did 15 minutes on the treadmill and everything. I got home; and I figured I was just pooped out from everything. This didn’t end up going away lol – previous to friday i’d noted a bunch of dizzy spells (aka PLEASE STOP THE RIDE I WANNA GET OFF!!!!) monday and possibly tuesday. I’d put this towards my Asthma, and i took my inhaler (which promptly made my heart race just as much! LOL) and just got over it. Friday like i said this feeling didn’t go away, I was light headed confused a little (as more to why i’m exercising and feeling like crap, not literal ZOMG dementia!) and you know my heart was racing like a turbo engine. Needless to say I decided after sitting on the couch playing monopoly and my heart decided “LETS DO THE TIME WARP” and refuse to stop racing… that i needed to see the Doctor. Bloods, Ecg … the works – checking cause there’s a history of heart issues in the family. Made an appointment for today – CHECK.

Went in, was an hour early (I made the appt for 3, i thought it was 2… and because of that i stayed back from class thinking i wouldn’t make it in time.) … so they put me back for 2:15. So in mean time i played monopoly – got my ass kicked in under 15 minutes flat… Doctor was ready for me..”GOOD NEWS and some bad news.”
Good News: Nothing ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING is wrong.
Bad News: Back to splitting my ADHD medication to TWICE A DAY.
Lesson Learned: Health comes before sanity.
My response: AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!!!!!! I never REMEMBER my meds in the afternoon!

One cool thing came out of it – I realized i’m at risk so far up my ass for heart problems that NOW I know i can’t switch to anything but a methylphenidate derivative. Adderall and Strattera are going to put me at risk to die QUICKER despite their effectiveness LOL.

Oh and the other thing that makes me fart really badly? Milk Products.
Hooo boy, that’s like enough to power one small village in thailand usually.

(You hear that power companies? Human based “FART” or “GAS” could literally power our cars, maybe even villages. … . how? Find a few of us willing lactose intolerant, or other food allergen/intolerances with this issue, we’ll “fart up a storm” in return for powering a small village XD. REALLY ITS A BRILLIANT IDEA.)

….until you realize how bad the village might smell that is.

Anyways, back to the idea of writing here – I constantly have to laugh at how much I need to talk to people about my writing. And how much i HATE the idea of my family finding out about my stories. Frankly, if i was writing a book on Social Work and Religion? My family would probably still think i’m nuts. Why? Cause i’m doing it without having a degree in either that’s why! … Well no, i’m not writing a book on those.

But i’m giggling like mad cause i’ve released a couple stories i’m working on via Deviant Art; and people are raving about it. They’re like “I WANT MORE” – and one person ACTUALLY said they like a character… which cracks me up cause of which character it is.

They also said “I feel bad for that Justin guy…”; anyone who knows me will just roll over laughing when I give my next response, “Readers are allowed to form their own opinions about characters etc…” why will they laugh, cause i’ll probably under my breath think they’re abusing the ideology of that..

I do though, want my readers to come up with their own ideas – their own thoughts… cause it’s what an author’s supposed to do. Right? …..RIGHT???????

In other news:
Wait for Christmas, you’ll get the Extended edition of Point Blank – it SHOULD be a normal novel size. !___! whatever that is ~___~. And sadly, this November unless i can find something PRODUCTIVE to write about and nanowrimo LETS us use pre-existent story-lines – i doubt i’ll be doing much other than editing and finishing set fire and confessions of a prince lol.

Also tried out the Zinio Digital Magazine format – i’m geeking out on my Ipod Touch besides playing monopoly and getting the absolute ASS kicked out of me, as we speak. It’s REALLY awesome – and if i have money left… ~___~ i’m gonna go buy an imagine FX issue. WHY? BECAUSE I LIKE ART, I DRAW I DORK OUT – WHAT ELSE DO YOU EXPECT OF ME? LOL.

Ok SO here’s a quick review:
Breaking Limits is out now – and it’s a great way to start into the series before i bring out the Extended edition.

Ramen and Parmesan cheese is my collection of songs and poetry. I took the name from a collection i made once a few years back.. aptly named… “Ramen and Parmesan Cheese, songs to beat the shit of people by.” I have NO CLUE why I did it that way, and i KNOW for a fact there’s copies laying around minnesota in a dumpster somewhere.

SO PEOPLE, if you have written a song off my work let me know XD. No, i won’t sue you – it’s my fault for openly setting it out at the Rosedale Mall bus stop! LOL.



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